Tea Circle: “Bridging the ‘Burma Gap’ in Conflict Studies”

As Burma’s civil war enters its 70th year— the longest running internal armed conflict in the world— fighting between the state and non-state armed groups is escalating across the country. A several years-long peace process is floundering. War amidst peace talks has been a paradoxical feature of the conflict for many years. More international attention on the conflict since 2011 has tended to emphasize the peace process, but not the actual dynamics of the political, social, economic and armed struggle which has divided the country since independence. There is lamentably little known about the history of the civil war or about the micro-dynamics of conflict. It begs the question: why is Burma almost totally absent from the academic and reportage canon of conflict literature?

Tea Circle Bridging the ‘Burma Gap’ in Conflict Studies https://teacircleoxford.com/2018/05/07/bridging-the-burma-gap-in-conflict-studies/?platform=hootsuite