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The environmental radio soap opera Que Minh Xanh Mai (Forever Green My Homeland) wanted to educate rice farmers in environmental conservation principles, methods to reduce environmental impacts from farm chemicals, straw burning and water use, so as to protect ecosystem services. It aimed to modify farmers' attitudes towards pesticides, fertilizers, straw burning, pollution, water saving, wildlife, soil health, and natural biological control. The 104 episodes of the soap opera are based on rural settings and feature the daily struggles, joys, and loves in rural life. Environmental issues are carefully weaved into the conversations between characters. The soap featured three sets of characters, those who were positive towards IPM practices, those who were negative and a transitional group. Drama conversations were developed between these three sets of characters, discussing the pros and cons of agricultural inputs. The main character was transitional who eventually changed beliefs and practices in the series.


Kieran Mooney


Convention on Biological Diversity

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Monday, April 20, 2009