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The state of Sabah has the longest coastline in Malaysia (approximately 1,600 km), extending from the border of Sarawak in the southwest to Indonesia in the southeast. The key problem identified in this area was unsustainable management as reflected in the increased pollution experienced in coastal areas, the physical degradation of coastal environments and the deterioration of coastal habitats and resources. The lack of management capacity among public and private development stakeholders was found to be a major obstacle to sustainable management. Emphasizing broad capacity building as the overall implementation strategy, the project established task- oriented coordination platforms and facilitated these in addressing the identified key management constraints. The integration and coordination of all stakeholders and the delivery of strategic recommendations for the future management of the coastal zone are among the outcomes of the project. The informal networks generated through the project among and between government and private stakeholders are strongly appreciated and can now be used for other challenges requiring a coordinated approach


Convention on Biological Diversity

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Saturday, June 11, 2011