Scholars, students and policy-makers from the greater New York area with a shared interested in Southeast Asia, creating partnerships with colleagues throughout the world.

Dina Afrianty

La Trobe Law School
Kris Ahn's picture

Kris Ahn Coordinator
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Alexandra Kumala Moerdomo
Zainab Amjad's picture

Zainab Amjad

Mount Holyoke College
Reyhanillo Andi Kasim's picture

Reyhanillo Andi Kasim

Seton Hall University, WFUNA
Netta Anggia's picture

Netta Anggia

American Institute for Indonesian Studies (AIFIS)
Christopher Ankersen's picture

Christopher Ankersen

NYU Center for Global Affairs
Brian Arnold's picture

Brian Arnold

Cornell University Member


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Nathan Badenoch

Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University
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Nerissa Balce

State University of New York at Stony Brook's picture

Tindig pilipinas
Dr. Peter F. Bell's picture

Dr. Peter F. Bell

SUNY Purchase, Bedford Hills CF. Member
Nathan Benevides's picture

Nathan Benevides

Columbia University School of International Affairs Member
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Blake Harley Berger

Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI) Member

Carla Bertulfo

Columbia University
Michelle L Bonati's picture

Michelle L Bonati

State University of New York at Plattsburgh; Centre for Disability Research and Policy, Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Sydney Member


Columbia University

Rattana Bounsouaysana

Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University


Episcopal Church
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Program for Agrarian Studies, Yale University Member

Kenneth Cardenas

York University
Nevin Chetry's picture

Nevin Chetry

Fordham University School of Law
Jack Meng-tat Chia's picture

Jack Meng-tat Chia

Cornell University

Matthew Isaac Cohen

Royal Holloway, University of London and Yale Institute of Sacred Music
Cecily D. Cook's picture

Cecily D. Cook

Asian Cultural Council
Melissa Crouch's picture

Melissa Crouch

University of New South Wales, Law School Member
Nicole CuUnjieng Aboitiz's picture

Nicole CuUnjieng Aboitiz

Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard; Clare Hall, University of Cambridge Member

Dan Q. Dao

Bradley Camp Davis

Eastern Connecticut State University Member
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Foundation for a Just Society
Debbie Sumual-Patlisd's picture

Debbie Sumual-Patlisd

Bella Desai

American Museum of Natural History
Didar Ali's picture

Didar Ali

Bulbulik Heritage Centre Gulmit


Trufflepig Travel

Kyle Dontoh

Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs Member
Jeconiah Louis Dreisbach's picture

Jeconiah Louis Dreisbach

De La Salle University - Manila, Philippines Member
Ashley Aye Aye Dun's picture

Ashley Aye Aye Dun

New York University Member

James M Edmonds

Arizona State University
Carina Evangelista's picture

Carina Evangelista

Artifex Press, New York
Haris Faozan's picture

Haris Faozan

Columbia University Member
Catherine Filloux's picture

Catherine Filloux

La MaMa Theater, CultureHub, New Dramatists Member
Thamora Fishel's picture

Thamora Fishel

Cornell Southeast Asia Program


University of Illinois at Chicago
Amy Freedman's picture

Amy Freedman

Long Island University Post Campus Contributor


Teachers College, Columbia University
Gabriela Sagun's picture

Gabriela Sagun

Barnard College, Columbia University Coordinator
Chelsea Garbell's picture

Chelsea Garbell

NYU Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service Coordinator
Jennifer L. Gaynor's picture

Jennifer L. Gaynor

SUNY at Buffalo Member
Josh Gedacht's picture

Josh Gedacht

University of Wisconsin-Madison
John Gershman's picture

John Gershman

New York University Founding Member
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UT Austin
Gary Hausman's picture

Gary Hausman

Columbia University Member


Manhattanville college
Kevin Anthony Henderson's picture

Kevin Anthony Henderson

Teachers College-Columbia University
Alexander Hinton's picture

Alexander Hinton

Rutgers University / Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights
Chen-Sheng Hong's picture

Chen-Sheng Hong

Taiwan-ASEAN Studies Center, Chung-Hua Institution For Economic Research Member
Chie Ikeya's picture

Chie Ikeya

Rutgers University
Jiradej Jaturavith's picture

Jiradej Jaturavith

New York University Coordinator

Jeff Stein

NYSEAN Coordinator
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Andrew Alan Johnson

Princeton University Member
Christopher Johnson's picture

Christopher Johnson

Website Mananger Coordinator
Cath Jones's picture

Cath Jones

University of Warwick
Stephanie Gabriella Kalele's picture

Stephanie Gabriella Kalele

New York University
Kristy Kelly's picture

Kristy Kelly

Columbia University, Drexel University Member

Ben Kiernan

Yale University
Naphat Kijsamrej's picture

Naphat Kijsamrej


Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok
Jee Leong Koh's picture

Jee Leong Koh

Singapore Unbound
Samak Kosem's picture

Samak Kosem

Chiang Mai University
Naoko Kumada's picture

Naoko Kumada

Weatherhead East Asia Institute, Columbia University
Mary Kuo's picture

Mary Kuo

CAA Member
DC Lammerts's picture

DC Lammerts

Rutgers University
Perry Landesberg's picture

Perry Landesberg

Columbia SIPA; Malaysia-America Society; US-Fulbright Program, Malaysia Member

Max Lane

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies - Yusof Isak Institute, Singapore
Joseph Lapre's picture

Joseph Lapre

Fordham University
Kulkanya Lekhyananda's picture

Kulkanya Lekhyananda

Columbia University, SIPA


Columbia University

Matthew LoCastro

Luce Foundation

Jorge López Cortina

Seton Hall University

John McAuliff

Fund for Reconciliation and Development
Duncan McCargo's picture

Duncan McCargo

Columbia University Founding Member
Pam McElwee's picture

Pam McElwee

Rutgers University New Brunswick Member


U.S. Federal Courts, Hunter College
Michelle LeMeur's picture

Michelle LeMeur

MA Candidate in International Development, Johns Hopkins SAIS Member
John M. Miller's picture

John M. Miller

East Timor and Indonesia Action Network Member

Min Min Hein

The City College of New York
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State University of New York at Albany Member
Andrew Moon's picture

Andrew Moon

The New School for Social Research Member

Parthiban Muniandy

Sarah Lawrence College
Ann Marie Murphy's picture

Ann Marie Murphy

Seton Hall University Founding Member
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King's College London & Mahidol University Member
amnassef's picture


Philippine International Studies Organization Member
Andreyka Natalegawa's picture

Andreyka Natalegawa

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Mark A Nelson

Latham & Watkins LLP
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University of Tokyo
Chung Thi Kim Nguyen's picture

Chung Thi Kim Nguyen

PhQueensland University of Technology
V. Trinh Nguyen's picture

V. Trinh Nguyen

Columbia University Member
Lien-Hang Nguyen's picture

Lien-Hang Nguyen

Columbia University




asian American Writer's Workshop Member
Craig P. Oehlers's picture

Craig P. Oehlers

Jonathan Corpus Ong

University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Jieun Park's picture

Jieun Park

Columbia University in the City of New York
Daniel Pascoe's picture

Daniel Pascoe

School of Law, City University of Hong Kong
Kosal Path's picture

Kosal Path

Brooklyn College, City University of New York Member
Mary Thuy Pham's picture

Mary Thuy Pham

Harvard University, Columbia University Member
Sreyneath Poole's picture

Sreyneath Poole

New York Southeast Asia Network Coordinator

Ryan Pratama

Columbia SIPA

Aldi Priyanto

Nazareth College

Geoffrey Robinson

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Member
Andrew Rowan's picture

Andrew Rowan

University of California, New Viet Nam Studies Initiative Member
Meynardo Mendoza's picture

Meynardo Mendoza

Independent scholar Member

Frances Rudgard

Cambodian Living Arts, Mekong Cultural Hub
Douglas Sanders's picture

Douglas Sanders

Institute of Human Rights, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.
Rahadyan Sastrowardoyo's picture

Rahadyan Sastrowardoyo Member
Margaret Scott's picture

Margaret Scott

New York University Founding Member
Jessica Clara Shinta's picture

Jessica Clara Shinta

Columbia University Member
Sarah Roxanne Sim's picture

Sarah Roxanne Sim

Columbia University
Ivan V. Small's picture

Ivan V. Small

Central Connecticut State University Member

Elise Steenburgh

CUNY Graduate Center

Emma Natalya Stein

Freer|Sackler, Smithsonian
Devin Stewart's picture

Devin Stewart

Carnegie Council Member
Karen Strassler's picture

Karen Strassler


Aarthi Swaminathan

New York University
Chana Tip's picture

Chana Tip

Columbia University and Sciences Po Paris
Markus Taussig's picture

Markus Taussig

Rutgers Business School
Susy Tekunan's picture

Susy Tekunan

University Pelita Harapan


Smith College
Ker Thao's picture

Ker Thao

New York University Member
Jeremy Tiang's picture

Jeremy Tiang

Asian American Writers' Workshop
Norashiqin Toh's picture

Norashiqin Toh

Columbia University
Simon Toner's picture

Simon Toner

Columbia University

Emalie Vann Thok

Teachers College, Columbia University
Erin R Vogel's picture

Erin R Vogel

Rutgers University

Meredith Weiss

University at Albany, SUNY
Annabelle Wenas's picture

Annabelle Wenas

Columbia University Member
aryow16nysean's picture


Chamber Music America // American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce

Phill Wilcox

Bielefeld University, Germany

Claire Willeck

Princeton University Member

William Ellis

Equitable Cambodia
Madeline Woker's picture

Madeline Woker

Columbia University Member
Ryan Wolfson-Ford's picture

Ryan Wolfson-Ford

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Emmanuella Vanessa Savina Wong's picture

Emmanuella Vanessa Savina Wong

Columbia University Member
Kelsey E. Woodrick's picture

Kelsey E. Woodrick

Teachers College, Columbia University Member
Hiram Woodward's picture

Hiram Woodward

Walters Art Museum

arnolfo yanto

Bayanihan Club of Union, Knights of Rizal Union Chapter

Bryan Yeoh

Seton Hall University


New York City Bar Association

Charles Zerner

Sarah Lawrence College Member
Eve Zucker's picture

Eve Zucker

Yale Council of Southeast Asian Studies; Cornell Southeast Asia Program; CKS, SEAC