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Religious Ultra-Nationalism in Myanmar/Burma

NYSEAN interview with David Scott Mathieson, Senior Researcher on Burma for the Asia Division of Human Rights Watch, on Religious Ultra-Nationalism in Burma/Myanmar.

The South China Sea: The View From the Philippines

The Honorable Antonio T. Carpio, Senior Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, discusses the South China Sea disputes in an October 7, 2015 lecture at Columbia University. Moderated by Ann Marie Murphy, Senior Research Scholar at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute. Co-sponsored by SEASI and the New York Southeast Asia Network.

Bangkok Shutdown 2014

By late 2013, a mass movement to protest against the elected government of Yingluck Shinawatra – sister of former premier Thaksin Shinawatra – was gathering strength. The so-called PDRC (People’s Democratic Reform Committee) blocked several major intersections, pledging in January 2014 to ‘Shutdown Bangkok’. The protests peaked with the successful disruption of the February 2, 2014 elections: in districts such Rachathewi, seen here, ballot boxes were impounded by demonstrators. The protests largely fizzled out by March, but had helped create the conditions for May 22, 2014 military coup.