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Located in the southwest corner of the Mekong Delta, the Ha Tien Plain is a shallow basin in which sheet floodwaters pool for a long duration each year, creating its characteristic acid-prone, inundated grasslands. These grasslands are diminishing rapidly, due mainly to agricultural and aquacultural development. Classified in its natural state as 'unproductive', the Ha Tien Plain has been the testing ground for several episodes of failed economic development, including forestry (22,000 hectares of abandoned Eucalyptus plantation), rice (extremely low yield) and the ongoing boom in shrimp aquaculture (highly acidic water requiring constant neutralization). These activities are failing to alleviate long term poverty in the region while simultaneously destroying the natural capital which could power a sustainable economic engine for the region.


Frédéric Vogel


Convention on Biological Diversity

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Monday, January 25, 2010